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A Actions

A → Widening, integration and systematization of the previous studies a development of a decision support systems for an integrated management of the groundwater resources.

This measure aims at developing an information system based in GIS, towards which the previous knowledge on the hydrogeological and territorial system of the upper Vicenza’s plain and the widening carried out by this project are directed. This tool will allow to consider, in an integrated way, the various factors which are used to understand if the different areas considered in the project can be designated as rechargeable areas (suitability to the permeation, closeness to irrigation ditches, availability of areas, lack of naturalistic emergencies) and to support their identification. Furthermore, this system may represent a technical tool for the planning and scheduling activities, related to the safeguard of the groundwater resources, or may represent a communicative tool to ease the public debate about the future development of the territory.




A 1 Geo-pedological study of the upper Vicenza's plain to define vocation to infiltration of soils. Provincia di Vicenza
A 2 Census and characterization of public lands pertaining to water courses aimed at defining stretches suitable for the natural recharge.

Provincia di Vicenza

A 3 Hydromorphological characterization of the river Astico (integration of previous studies or in progress).

Provincia di Vicenza

A 4 Development of a GIS of support for the government of groundwater (data collection, software development, deployment). Provincia di Vicenza
A 5 Study and development of financial mechanisms to support the implementation of actions for groundwater recharge. Veneto Agricoltura
A 6 Development of a technical protocol for implementation and hydraulic- environmental management of sites of infiltration and specialized technical assistance to the design / construction of the works. Veneto Agricoltura

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