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Il sito è realizzato con il contributo finanziario dello strumento LIFE+ dell'Unione Europea

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E Actions

E → Development of a participated decision process and set up of an action plan for the governance of the groundwater resources (Contratto di Falda).

This measure is introduced in order to transfer the experience carried out in the previous action lines into a strategy for the governance of the territory, with a special reference to the safeguard of the groundwater resources as established by the Directive 2000/60/EC as well as by the national and regional laws. The participated process that will be carried out together with the whole project will be the means to share the choices and, at the same time, will bring out the role of the different “actors” who affect in different ways the condition of the groundwater resources.




E 1 Development of a partecipated decision process on groundwater resources.  Provincia di Vicenza
E 2 Set up of an action plan for the government of groundwater resources.  Provincia di Vicenza


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