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Life Aquor - Provincia di Vicenza

Provincia di Vicenza

Il sito è realizzato con il contributo finanziario dello strumento LIFE+ dell'Unione Europea

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Activities of data processing and spread of contents and project's results on a local scale. 

 Responsable partner: Acque Vicentine


Data collected during the three-year programme will be gather and elaborated with intent of creating a few prerequisites for several coming activities. In order to communicate directly to population about activities and reached results, some informative panels will be placed in the intervention sites and in partner's locations. on these panels will be described the LIFE Project and advantages reached thanks to the aquifer recharge. Results, once gathered and elaborated, will lead to create a brochure and technical-scientific reports, involving all sectors of civil and scientific society. For the latter category it's going to be organised continuing education course about themes of aquifer management and recharge, using techniques of qualitative and quantitative.

 Mobile panels of project's presentation:



















  Information panel installed in demonstrative sites:












 Technical Report edited by Acque Vicentine: Download (4MB)

 Aquor's gazebo








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