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Activities of technical-scientific exchange (networking, in particular with other LIFE projects) and results dissemination on a national and international scale.

 Responsible Partner: Province of Vicenza

Provincia di Vicenza - Stemma 

In order to acquire the most know-how possible for optimizing the actions, promoting a cultural and technical-scientific interchange with analogous experiences by means of a networking strategy, we will proceed with the organization of two world class workshops.

Using the same methods and motivations described before, it will take part in two international workshop, enlarging as more as possible the knowledge on the subject and analysing the different approach used in international realities, with a certain advantage to the upper Vicenza's plain activities.

 Exhibition "Ancient Technologies and Strategies  for Water Saving”

Pannello Melia 2

Aquor starts a cooperation with other European projects hosting in Vicenza, at the University located in V. le Margherita, an exhibition of the MELIA RESEARCH, acronym of " Mediterranean dialogue about integrated water management".

The itinerant AQUA Exhibition shows different water expressions through images and replied to various intentions. In other words on the one and it intends developing knowledge, rationality and awareness on water concept as resource: it is the object of an extraordinary pressure as a consequence of processes generated by human activity. On the other hand, the Exhibition takes on the compromise of contributing to spread knowledge developed in the MELIA Project about strategies and water's systems planning.


Pannello Melia

Presentation panel of the Exhibition, kindly hosted by the Vicenza's University Studies Foundation at V. le Margherita, in march and april 2012. 



  Pannello di presentazione di Melia



The Exhibition has been moved to Verona, on the occasion of "Greenbuilding: energetic efficiency and sustainable architecture" (2012, May 9-11): during the Melia event, has been supplied the documentation in order to convey the Aquor Project.



"The crucial contributions of the LIFE+ Programme in Veneto" - May 17th,2012

Event organized during Veneto Environment week to assess Veneto's actual contribution to the European Life Programme.

LIFE + AQUOR was presented as an example of best practice in Veneto.


Common intent of promoting Water Saving connects the two Projects LIFE-sponsored in a pubblic meeting organized on September 15th, 2012 4.00pm, at Torre di Malta, Cittadella (Pd).

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Workshop "Land use and quality protection of groundwater in upper vicenza's plain" - May 21st, 2013

The workshop dealt with theme of soil sealing in upper Vicenza's plain and impact on aquifers with iF3_workshop_210513ntent to raise awareness of those who act on urban planning and their advisers.

The speakers talked about territorial planning instruments, hydrographic network management and agri-environmental services; moderated debate allowed to address issues such as: sustainability of future transformations, issues of management and ideas of negotiated programming.




 AQUOR e WARBO E AQUOR - June 7th, 2013 - Adria (RO)


Started networking with WARBO:

you can find all information about WARBO in

Barletta Andria Trani Province presents Green Bat (best available technology) - July 25-27,2013

It is an initiative to involve citizens, associations and institutions in a wide path to awareness.



Three days focused on raising awareness of good environmental practices and story of initiatives undertaken on efficiency, energy saving, eco-efficiency, materials renewability, wastes recycling, eco-innovation, environmental services, renewable energy, agricultural supply chains of ecological quality, sustainable use of water resources, water purification systems and bathing water.

We point out conference "Model of water management's" of July 27, 2013 - Castello Svevo.

mr. Giancarlo Gusmaroli, Aquor technical and scientific coordinator, participated with intervention “Groundwater resources integrated management in coastal area: from aquifer recharge to governance innovative experience (groundwater contract)

 SUMMER SCHOOL - September 2-6, 2013 - Ferrara

Innovative technologies for the sustainable management and pollution reduction of water resources.

Formative initiative was promoted by WARBO Life project, in collaboration with ZEOlife projecF3_ferrara_020913t, TekneHub laboratory (Technopole UNIFE) and Physics and Earth Sciences Department of Ferrara University.

For Life+ Aquor participated:

- mr. Giancarlo Gusmaroli, on

behalf of Vicenza Province, with the deepening on "governance strategies and demonstrative solutions for groundwater balance: towards an Contratto di Falda in upper Vicenza's plain";

- dr.Justin Mezzalira on behalf of Veneto Agriculture, project partner, with the theme "Artificial recharge: project Aquor's case study"


 New networking has been started with:




Demo sites survey meeting - March 14th, 2014 - Cittadella

09.00 – Introduction and welcome: Consorzio di bonifica Brenta, Autorità di bacino dell’Alto Adriatico

09.15 – Equipment/monitoring systems, logistic and administrative requirement: Thomas Vienken, Manuel Kreck - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) F3_marsol_14-03-2014

09.30 – Geographical and hydrogeological framework of the proposed Demo Sites: Alberto Cisotto - Autorità di bacino dell’Alto Adriatico

09.45 – MAR in the Forested Infiltration Areas – REDAFI and AQUOR experiences:Bruno Boz, Cristina Dalla Valle - Regione del Veneto, Veneto Agricoltura

10.30 - 13.00 – Field trip to proposed Demo Sites: 



Conference SMART WATERS "Cooperation and water security in vulnerable areas"  - March 21-22, 2014 - Rovigo

 F3_rovigo_marzo2014  F3_rovigo_marzo2014_2

In the picture D.Cuman president of Brenta land reclamation authority, he introduced the "Contratto di Falda".

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