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Life Aquor - Provincia di Vicenza

Provincia di Vicenza

Il sito è realizzato con il contributo finanziario dello strumento LIFE+ dell'Unione Europea

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Informational activities concerning the project progress.

 Responsable Partner: Province of Vicenza

Provincia di Vicenza - Stemma

The project progress and results will be constantly monitored and communicated to the citizenry through communication devices such as web site, newsletter, press conference, meetings, final report.


Opening Public Event - March 9th, 2012

I relatori presenti al convegnoOpening conference about the Aquor Project presentation, organised in the wonderful background of Villa Cordellina Lombardi

Participation Invite







  Foto ricordo del convegnoSouvenir photo of the conference participants in front of  Villa  Cordellina Lombardi










Water Party at Fimon lake: the Water Saving with Aquor

Appointment at Fimon lake on March 25th 2012: Vicenza's family are all invited

to celebrate and  meet the Aquor Project. 

Research material








LIFE+ AQUOR at Water Nights:

Opening ceremony - June 7th, 2012

Notti d'acqua - Inaugurazione - Arch. Sandra Brentan












Round Table - June 30th, 2012

 I relatori della tavola rotondaThe Round Table at Mocenigo palace of Lupia introduces the UE-sponsored Project for aquifer recharge during the "Water Nights" event.


Conference Flyer









LIFE+ Province of Vicenza:

SIMPOSIUM "Beni Ambientali & Risorse Idriche"

Villa Cordellina Lombardi - May 21st,3013

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Conference "Water Nature Environment: interpretation of a territory"

In recent years, the Province of Vicenza has met European Union's objectives for Conservation of Nature, it obtained 3 LIFE + projects' co-financing.

Life Colli Berici, Life Sor.BA and Life Aquor presented their work photographing the great natural heritage of the Vicenza area.

The meeting was an opportunity for discussion between protagonists of area that deal with environmental protection.





GELSO project - ISPRA

Within GELSO project, the National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research selected the project AQUOR among those of particular interest on water resources in urban and it has published a specific profile on the site.


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