LIFE Programme

Life Aquor - Provincia di Vicenza

Provincia di Vicenza

Il sito è realizzato con il contributo finanziario dello strumento LIFE+ dell'Unione Europea

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F Actions

F → Non-stop information about the project and dissemination of the outcomes.

This measure aims at giving the widest information about the existence and the state of the art of the project, the dissemination of the approach adopted and the comparison on the gained outcomes, on local, national and international scale.


F 1

Information activities about the project progress.

Provincia di Vicenza
F 2

Publishing, construction sites and demo days about technical-practical perspective of the project.

Veneto Agricoltura
F 3

Activity of technical-scientific interchange (networking, in particular with other LIFE projects) and results dissemination on a national and international scale.

Provincia di Vicenza
F 4

Data processing activities and dissemination of subject matters and results on a local scale.

Acque Vicentine Spa

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